Through the Kerkhoff Learning Factory we offer a didactic tool that maps out the entire value chain and offers cross-sectoral optimisation of material and information flows. Throughout this, employees are involved in required change processes and independently develop solutions.

Hands-on value creation at the Kerkhoff Learning Factory

One key factor in terms of companies’ competitiveness is their ability to cope with change at all staff levels. But the greatest potential also harbors the greatest risk – because, in most cases, change breeds uncertainty and anxiety. This can lead to any change process – consciously or subconsciously – being slowed down or delayed. In addition, many businesses miss out on opportunities offered by networking across departments. It is exactly at this point where our learning factory comes into play.

Practice rather than prognosis

The Kerkhoff Learning Factory is a colorful mix of theory-based input, personal experimentation, group discussions and a common think tank. In a moderated workshop, our customers experience their own working environment - with all its difficulties and challenges, but also the best possible options for optimisation. The learning factory is tailored to each business and is also mobile. We don’t use standard templates and adapt to customer specific conditions – for this we create process-orientated, individualised learning factories. Employees and consultants use this model to work out possible changes step by step, integrate digital solutions and test new work processes. The result is a set of concrete recommendations for action with all relevant key figures. The physical company model remains with the customer and serves as a playground for further improvements.

Holistic approach

As part of the Kerkhoff Group, we understand the business models of our customers and detect all relevant drivers that are needed to optimise business results. Above all, the expertise of our consultants lies in their holistic approach to each customer’s business. This works best with interdisciplinary specialist teams, who understand and are highly proficient in the fields of lean management, supply chain management, purchasing, production and change management. In this way, we develop clear value levers for measurable success.

The Learning Factory creates a range of positive effects

At the learning factory, employees not only concentrate on their own area, but also think outside the box. Thanks to interdepartmental cooperation, a company with a rigid silo mentality develops into a process-orientated organisation.

  • Transparent representation of the entire value chain for all employees
  • Hands-on capturing of complex process steps
  • Own recognition of the need for change
  • Emergence of potential improvements
  • Testing of production processes before making costly changes
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Breaking down of fears and uncertainties regarding change
  • Dismantling of silo mindset
  • Strengthened sense of solidarity